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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Snare Sticks

Good snare drum sticks are a vital thing to have as a percussionist. I tend to prefer either Innovative Percussion, or Cooperman for my snare sticks. More specifically I prefer the Chris Lamb CL-1 or CL-2L sticks from Innovative Percussion, and the Nick Petrella series from Cooperman.
The Chris Lamb series from Innovative Percussion are very high quality sticks, and produce great tones with every model. The CL-1 sticks are maple snare sticks that have a great comfortable feel to them, and provide very quick response. The CL-2L sticks are laminate birch sticks, which provide very even weight and tone between each stick. The bead on the CL-2L sticks are more elongated than the CL-1 sticks, and provide a darker, more legato tone. The Nick Petrella series from Cooperman have a elongated oval shaped bead, and provide a full dark sound. All the sticks that I mentioned are of exceptional quality and have a great tone and feel to them.

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